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Getting started

How does Vhesta work?

Vhesta helps you to realize “what’s your purpose in life” while focusing on “why you do, what you do?”. You can simply create your account, and raise your questions, find Vhestas & schedule your One2One’s and group discussions as well. You can complete your tasks assigned by your mentor and get rewards as well.

Going along with your One2One’s and group discussions, you can track your journey as well.

How can I be a Vhesta
Install the “Vhesta” app and sign up yourself by entering your name, email, password. Make sure to enter a strong password. Now you can Sign up successfully & login using your username & password.
Congratulations! You are a Vhesta.
How can I schedule a One2One
Login to the Vhesta app and navigate to the home page where you will find questions raised by individuals. Simply click on the particular question where you want to discuss. After clicking the thread, you will find the particular person and the question. By clicking the “One2One” button at the bottom of the page you can schedule a One2One discussion.
How can I join a Vhesta circle?
In the “Circle” tab you will find already created circles by other vestas. You can click on the desired circle and join.
How to make an assigned task as complete?
Navigate to the “Journey” tab where you will find all your assigned tasks. Navigate to the tasks assigned for you by the mentors and tick the boxes of the tasks that you have already completed.

Common Questions

How will I get rewarded?
Join more and more One2One’s and group discussions. Complete the tasks that are assigned to you. We know that you are improving! You will get rewarded for all your dedication and motivation towards achieving your assigned tasks.
I’m switching to a new device?
You can simply install the app in your new device. All your past data will be transferred to the new device.
Is this a paid app?
You can use Vhesta free of charge as much as you like.
What does “track journey means”?
While you join One2One’s and group discussions you will be assigned with tasks to improve yourself by the mentors. All these tasks will be visible in “track journey”. All the assigned tasks along with the assigned dates will be visible here.

Connect with mentors

How to find a mentor?
Login to the Vhesta app and navigate to the “Vhestas” tab. You will be able to discover the other vesta under the discover tab.
How long will a One2One be?
A One2One session will go upto maximum of 30 minutes. It will be a time full of purpose.
How can I cancel a scheduled One2One?
Need to cancel a scheduled One2One? Simply go to the One2Ones tab where you can find your pending One2Ones. Select the One2One that you want to cancel and simply click the “Reject” button visible on the screen.
Can I suggest a different time slot for the One2One?
You can request a different time or date for your One2Ones.Simply navigate to the One2Ones tab and select the One2One that you want to change the time. Click the “Suggest another time” button and select the desired time slot and press submit.